The Arts

The objective of The Arts facet is to encourage appreciation of and support for the arts and cultural enrichment. The Arts facet’s goals have expanded to:

  • enhance the knowledge and appreciation of youth and adults for the fine arts and the contributions of the African American artists

  • create greater opportunities for exposure to and experience in the various art forms


Program Highlights

  • "Ambassadors for Art Program at Galveston's Ambassadors Preparatory Academy"

  • African American Heritage Festival at the Moody Center

  • An Afternoon of Storytelling at Faith United Methodist Church - Dickinson

  • Reach Out and Touch African American Heritage

  • Lecture and Workshop by National Artist - Ted Ellis

  • Creation of the Friendship Quilt

  • Music Workshop at Heritage Christian Academy

  • “The Eternal Gift” Theatrical Production

  • Artist Loft Gallery Visit

  • Celebrating the Arts

  • Educational Ballet Workshop

  • Clear Lake Metropolitan Ballet

  • “An Evening of Art” introduced in 2004 to promote the arts by showcasing artists and their works in the chapter service area

  • Lauren Anderson Scholarship in the Arts which benefits deserving students interested in the study of the arts

  • “Art Crawl” - a collaborative effort with Local Area Cluster to celebrate the contribution of African Americans in the fine arts