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Services to Youth 

The Services to Youth facet is a dynamic facet that aids youth in our local and global communities to find and fulfill their intellectual potential. Our Mission is “Links seizing the opportunity to help our youth achieve.”

Program Highlights:

  • "Guess Who's Coming to Read at Galveston's Ambassadors Preparatory Academy"

  • Science Program

  • Boys and Girls to Work

  • Linking Love to Heritage Christian Academy (HCA) Girls & Boys

  • College Tours to Historically Black Colleges and Universities

  • Established Computer Learning Center at HCA

  • A Day of Theatre - The Ensemble Theater

  • Holiday Adopt-A-Family

  • Building Intergenerational Bridges - developed in 2004 to address the rapid growth in the number of Americans over 60 years of age and the ever-widening gap in opportunities for meaningful collaboration between elderly and youth populations particularly in the African American community

  • Space/STEM Camp

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